Oh how I wish I was wealthy, I’d have all my future mods done already.. I’d be the coolest rich person.

Itchin for a pinchin

I need to get me some work done, wether its piercing or tattoo, I don’t care, just Itchin for something new

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Sad day

Tattoo convention today and tomorrow about an hour away, sadly I can’t go.. hopefully this isn’t the only one this year (within range)

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Apparently my philtrum decided against the 10g.. woke up with a huge fat lip, down sized and is now deciding to calm down.(sorta)

My philtrum

My philtrum


Stretched my philtrum(medusa) to a 10g today.. still stinging


If your looking for a YouTube channel that has to do with body modification, search up bodmod101 it’s a very good channel. If you know of any others, send them my way..

Work day

I spent most of my boring and uneventful work day thinking about which place I would pierce next, when funds permit me to that is.

I’m going to try and start posting pics daily of either jewelry I like, piercings I want or like, or something body modification related.

My Mods

Lobes-7/8” Septum-4g Left nostril-14g Side Labrets(snake bites)-14g Philtrum(medusa)-12g ( stretching)

Retired a few piercings 2small tattoos.. to broke at the current time Plans to cover my body, along with plans to pierce many, many, more places.

Tried and failed

I tried to stretch my philtrum to a 10g, apparently it had a different plan.. maybe later this month..